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The Summer Is Coming
With the summer coming! "Please make sure that you don't leave any pet's in the car because of the heat it makes can turn your car in to an oven .
" Keep all Pet's Safe. For Information On Pet Safety In The Summer And Other Information Click On Link Below.
Blue Badge Helpful Information.
Helpful Information for Leaner Driver.
Free UK Highway Code.
For Disabled Driver's. 

Take Care When You Are At The Sea-side And Don't Take The Risk? Of Playing Dangerous  Games.

If you would like your Web-Site to go on  to Brain-shock's Web-site "Please Contact Us Their is a year's fee for this and we are looking for people too Support Us "
We Would Like To Thank Diamondbrite For Kindly Doing The Seat , Carpet's And The Paintwork Protection On My Car
Thank You Colin 

       BRAIN-SHOCK.CO.UK Would Like To Thank These People Who Have Kindly Supported Brain-shock.
The Mayor Of Havant Councillor Mrs Yonne Weeks And Her Husband Brian Weeks 2010 To 2011.
Wheelwise Driving School. For Supporting The Work That  Is Raising Of Unwanted Brain Injury's And Unwanted Life Term Brain Damage .Headway Supports Many People With Brain Injury's And Brain Damage.
The National Headway
Duello Media
T: 02392 984 961
F: 02392 988 077
Find out more here:
Duello Media are proud supporters of Brain Shock and all the hard work Colin & Danielle are putting in to highlight this information, otherwise missed by most!

The Snowdon Award Scheme Helping Me With My College Courses And Training Grants And Funding Disabled Students To Obtain Courses.

Waitrose Support Brain Shock

Waitrose Community Matters Scheme Green Tokens Has Kindly Supported Brain-shock In Raising £660.00 so that brainshock can carry on with the training in becoming a Road Death Counselling Volunteer Support Officer. Once Again we are very grateful for this kind support from the Waitrose Community Matters Scheme.

Thank you all kindly.

12TH Of June 2012

I'm very greatful to The Petersfield Salvation Army for kindly allowing  In doing a talk about the work that Brain-shock is doing raising the awareness of Road Safety and many other Important information while out on our  roads and the beach one again Thank You All For An Enjoyable Afternoon With You All.

Andrew Garnham Sales Executive / Motability Specialist From Vauxhall Eden Fareham Hampshire for his support that he kindly gave us when getting my new Motabiliy Car.

Councillor Ken Smith and his Wife Hazel Smith 2011 to 2012 Mayor and Mayoress Of Havant kindly Supported Brain-Shock.Co.Uk with a Cheque for £100.00 Pounds. 

Brainshock Was so pleased with Vistaprint who kindly made new door  magnets with advert details of Brainshock and all new stationary . 

All images courtesy of Free Images or Free Foto and Image After Free Images please respect the rights of the image owners as we have here and take a look today