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The Summer Is Coming
With the summer coming! "Please make sure that you don't leave any pet's in the car because of the heat it makes can turn your car in to an oven .
" Keep all Pet's Safe. For Information On Pet Safety In The Summer And Other Information Click On Link Below.
Blue Badge Helpful Information.
Helpful Information for Leaner Driver.
Free UK Highway Code.
For Disabled Driver's. 

Take Care When You Are At The Sea-side And Don't Take The Risk? Of Playing Dangerous  Games.

If you would like your Web-Site to go on  to Brain-shock's Web-site "Please Contact Us Their is a year's fee for this and we are looking for people too Support Us "

For A' Permanent Vegetable' I've Done Pretty Well-Christina Corp.

Ten Years On.

Click On The Link Below And Then In The Daily Echo Search Bar Put Christina Corp And You See Christina's Story's

I Have Been Following Many Of Christina's Story's And I Have Always Been Touched By Them.

And Thank you Christina For What You Do In Raising The Awareness As It's All Very Important To Us All.


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