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The Summer Is Coming
With the summer coming! "Please make sure that you don't leave any pet's in the car because of the heat it makes can turn your car in to an oven .
" Keep all Pet's Safe. For Information On Pet Safety In The Summer And Other Information Click On Link Below.
Blue Badge Helpful Information.
Helpful Information for Leaner Driver.
Free UK Highway Code.
For Disabled Driver's. 

Take Care When You Are At The Sea-side And Don't Take The Risk? Of Playing Dangerous  Games.

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Taking a car without consent is stealing; driving a stolen car is illegal and is called joy riding.

Joy Riding never pays, it will always end the same!

Inappropriate use of vehicles can be both intimidating and dangerous, and something which communities should be protected from. New Government proposals aimed at tackling car crime could mean that any-one convicted of joy-riding could face up to 14 years in prison. New offences of Aggravated Vehicle Taking and Causing Death by Aggravated Vehicle Taking have now been published. The proposals were developed following a review of Road Traffic Penalties in 2007.

The Aggravated Vehicle Taking Act 1992 has been inserted section 12A into the Theft Act 1968 thereby creating the offence of 'aggravated vehicle-taking' and states:

Subject to subsection 12A(3) a person is guilty of aggravated taking of a vehicle if -
(a) he commits an offence under section 12(1)(taking a conveyance without consent) in relation to a mechanically propelled vehicle
(b) it is proved that, at any time after the vehicle was unlawfully taken (whether by him or another) and before it was recovered, the vehicle was driven or injury or damage was caused, in one or more of the circumstances set out in paragraphs (a) to (d) of subsection 12A(2) (these are the aggravating factors).
The penalty for Aggravated Vehicle Taking is two-years but, where a person dies as a result, the penalty is 14-years.  This is covered by Section 12A of the Theft Act, 1968.

This destructive crime harms the entire Community and inflicts untold suffering on those who have lost loved ones because of it."

“Joy-riding is the theft or taking of a car or other forms of vehicles such as mini-motors, mini motorcycles, petrol driven go-peds, and motorised scooters”. 

Home Office figures show that there were over 11,546 offences of Aggravated Vehicle taking, the closet offence category to joyriding, since 2004 and there has been an increase of about 25% over the last five years.

Offenders can be as young as ten years of age and are committed by males in about 85% of cases, depending on the area. The highest incidents of joy riding are in holiday resorts during the summer holidays because youngsters do not have very much to do.

Apart from the damage to people's property, joy riding causes damage to parks, forests, open public places, disturbs local residents and puts themselves and members of the public at risk. Many road accidents involve joy riders loosing control of vehicles and hitting trees, other vehicles or innocent members of the public.

What starts off as "a bit of fun" to the joy-rider can quickly turn to tragedy.There are countless stories with tragic outcomes such as the case of a young teenager playing around with a forklift-truck who turned it over, crushing himself to death. In another case, three young teenagers were joy-riding along a country road, they crashed and the passengers were killed; the driver was jailed for manslaughter.

These cases involved deaths, but so often joy-riding results in head injuries and long term brain damage.

Joy-riding is not a game, it’s a hidden killer so think of others safety and your own don’t put people’s lives at risk.


Start To Get Into The Habit Of " Reverse Parking "
This Applies To Both Women And Men:
Beware of paper on the back window of your Vehicle- New Way To Do Car- Jackings
You walk across the car park, unlock your car and you get inside. You start the engine put into Reverse. When you look into the rear view mirror to back out of your space, you notice a pice of paper stuck to the middle of the rear window. So you stop and jump out of you car to remove that paper still with your engine running while you are still removing whatever it is obstructing your view.
When you reach the back of your car, that is when the carjackers appear out of nowhere, jump into your car and take off. They Practically run you over as they speed off in your car.
And guess what ladies? We bet your purse is still in the car,your home address, your money and your keys. Your home and your hole Identity are now Compromised! A purse contains all kinds of personal information and identification documents, and you certainly do Not Want this to fall into the wrong hands.
If you see a pice of paper stuck to your back window, lock your doors and just drive away with care.

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