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The Summer Is Coming
With the summer coming! "Please make sure that you don't leave any pet's in the car because of the heat it makes can turn your car in to an oven .
" Keep all Pet's Safe. For Information On Pet Safety In The Summer And Other Information Click On Link Below.
Blue Badge Helpful Information.
Helpful Information for Leaner Driver.
Free UK Highway Code.
For Disabled Driver's. 

Take Care When You Are At The Sea-side And Don't Take The Risk? Of Playing Dangerous  Games.

If you would like your Web-Site to go on  to Brain-shock's Web-site "Please Contact Us Their is a year's fee for this and we are looking for people too Support Us "

Welcome to the Brainshock website

Drive Safe And Stay Alive

This Web-site has been designed to raise awareness of the factors that contribute to the road traffic accidents which so easily result in head injuries and long term brain damage or even death as a result of their injuries    . The Brainshock website has been named after the shock these daily occurrences cause to the victims, their friends and their families.

Hantsweb awards

We are very pleased to have been nominated for the 7th Hantsweb Awards Charity or Voluntary Organisation category.
Runer Up of the sort list of the 7th Hants web awards

Beware! Because Justice Is Just Ahead

Every Year about 3,500 people died on our roads, an estimated 90% of which is as a result of driver error. Despite this, our justice system frequently lets down the victims of road traffic accidents by not holding the drivers accountable.

Road Accident, Police Signs

Drivers who's bad driving kills and injures are frequently let off with no more than a slap on the wrist

Some road safety charities take the view that accidents resulting in injury or death to innocent parties are grave offences and should result in penalties that show the public at large that these offences are taken seriously.

Those who experience head injuries and long term brain damage require specialist care, draining the already stretched resources of our National Health Service. And why? Because someone who is drunk, has taken drugs, is talking on their mobile phone or maybe just too tired to drive has gone out on the road when they are not fit to drive and caused an unnecessary road traffic accident.
Please Note That All The Awareness Is Carried Out As Volunteering Too Help Raise This Important Road Safety Awareness. Is Alway's Looking For Someone Too Support The Work That We Do.
How many of us before we use our car's motorcycles and cycles that they are all working safely and check the weather news and the travel news it's alway's worth checking things before you leave home.

Thank You For Taking A Look At The Web-site.

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